Sunday, November 9, 2008

What I made:

I think this is the last SAFF post. These are the things I made/did at SAFF, but not necessarily in the order I made/did them. Well, except the last workshop I took. First, the two hankies I dyed with in the Perennial Indigo Vat class. The first one I stitched and gathered to create the effects. I stitched diagonally from one corner to the other and then I folded the hankie two different ways, one on each side, and stitched in a sort of quarter round. The second one was just sort of wadded up in a ball and put in an onion bag. Indigo is a lazy dye and doesn't penetrate far if there is any obstruction, so you get a mottled effect. I took some lace weight wool to dye, but in the end decided not to dye it there.
This is the wool I spun in the spinning class I took. Once I got going, it came back pretty quickly. It will take some work to get really consistent, but that's not surprising. Since it did come back pretty quickly, the instructor gave me some rabbit fur and some silk to spin so I'd have something to challenge me. The small gray and white hank is the rabbit/silk plied together - the gray is rabbit and the white is silk. That is the softest, nicest yarn. One day, when I'm much better at spinning, I'll buy some rabbit hair to spin and make something lovely out of it.

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