Monday, November 24, 2008

Grazing Sheep Bag

This is the story of my Grazing Sheep Bag. First, I was gifted with the book that contained the instructions and the yarn. I loved the idea of this bag from the very beginning. But it is designed to be a small, flat bag which is less useful to me than a bigger bag with a flat bottom. So I altered the design to have 4 sides and a bottom. This meant making new charts, which I spent quite a bit of time doing. Then I completely ignored the charts and just knit the thing. I not only didn't use the charts, I didn't knit the sheep in intarsia because I really hated having all those little bobbins. So, I knit the grassy hills in intarsia and decided to add the sheep using duplicate stitch after the knitting was complete. Unfortunately, when I finished knitting the bag and started putting the sheep on, I remember just how much I hate duplicate stitch. So I pulled out the 3/4 of a sheep that I had already done and decided to felt the bag and needlefelt the sheep on. And that's just what I did. It's all done now, except that it needs handles. I want something easy to put on and haven't figured out what that's going to be yet.


ArleneJ said...

THis bag came out great. I love the proportions and how the hills wander up and down. And your sheep are terrific. It looks way better than the original. Great job.


Anonymous said...

accessing your blog for the little heart pattern (found on Ravelry) I came accross your lovely bag.

I'm starting knitting again after years of not having the time. Am really interested in felting too.

Could you point me in the direction of acquiring this pattern please, pretty please. Really NZ (my daughter in law would love it) Probably take me till next Christmas to make too!!!