Friday, November 7, 2008

Goodies I Got

Naturally, while I was at SAFF, amidst all that fibery goodness, I made a few acquisitions. Actually, I didn't spend all that much money, but I thought I got some good stuff.

First, I got two kits for needle felting Christmas ornaments. One kit makes a duck and the other makes a tree - the duck was for Miss M because she collects ducks like Miss S collects pigs. In reality, I figure the girls can read the instructions and make anything I have a cookie cutter for - and since I ended up with Mom's cookie cutters, I got lots.

I got a little sheepy keychain for me - for absolutely no good reason other than it's cute and makes funny noises.

And I got some premade needle felted Santa ornaments. They're probably too big for the tree, but they'll look nice on doors. I saw them last year and didn't get them and regreted it later.

And roving . . . after playing with the wheel, I decided I needed something to practice on at home. These balls are each 4 oz and because they were white and undyed, they were cheaper than the brown and gray balls. So I bought 4 - haven't done anything with them yet, but maybe Sunday I'll have a little extra time.

These are some cotton flowers that one of the vendors had. They charged a quarter a piece for them unless you bought $50 worth of merchandise. I not only bought from the vendor, I took a class from her, so I spent my $50 and asked for and got permission to get two. Just for the girls to see what they really look like. Maybe they'll want to play with spinning the cotton on a small spindle.

Got some Sock yarn from Miss Babs. She had the greatest colorways and the most vast selection of colors. I was tempted to buy several hanks, but I do have more than a bit of sock yarn already, so I didn't. But I did get some fine wool/mohair/silk yarn from Brooks Farm - I really loved the Primero I got last year and I really love this this year. I'm going to make EZ's Butterfly Vest (for me) with this lovely stuff. And I got some green and blue wool for a hat or scarf or who knows what, but it was pretty and inexpensive and I liked it.

And I know I haven't shown the stuff I made, but one thing I made was a needle felted chipmunk. It turned out very cute and fairly lifelike. The lady was selling the kits to make them at home to the class attendees. She only sold them to us because there are no instructions in the kits. I got one for each girl though I doubt Miss S will have time for anything like that for a while - maybe over Christmas break. The two bags are the kits and the raw wool is the contents. Hopefully, I'll have pics of what I did in the classes tomorrow. I keep taking pics of the items and they keep not looking good.

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