Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Indigo Dyeing

One of the classes I took at SAFF was Indigo dyeing. We used the natural indigo that has been processed into a powder and learned how to make the starter and the vat. We dyed cotton cloths with them and then protien fibers. As you can see from the pictures, the protien fibers came out with a wide range of colors. To some degree the color changed from dark to light based on how much indigo was in the vat, but there was also something else that altered colors. Sometimes a light skein came out of the vat before a much darker skein - so the fiber content must have played a part in the color too. Some of the blues were almost green and others were very blue - some light and others dark. It was fun, but I had brought lace weight yarn and chose not to try it out since not all the yarn was coming out with consistent color. I will dye my yarn later - maybe with indigo, maybe not.

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