Sunday, November 2, 2008

More SAFF Animals

There were lots and lots of fiber animals at SAFF (wonder if that's why it was named the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair?). I think my favorites were the rabbits - though I can't be sure. This year I didn't get any pictures of the llamas and alpacas because there were very few at the fair - or at least I saw very few. But there were a buncha bunnies and several people who didn't have them before the fair went home with them afterward. I would have taken some home with me too, except that I didn't realize how much fun it was to spin rabbit fur until I learned how on Sunday. I guess it still wasn't too late to bring a furry friend home with me, but I didn't do it. I have a feeling that hubby would have had a problem with a rabbit even if I explained how much cheaper my hobby would be if I had my own source for fiber . . . what do you think?

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