Monday, March 31, 2014

Made by me

Lest you think these hands have been idle . . .

Remember this bucket bag I made?  I love the batik fabric and bought extra so I could make some drawstring project/yarn bags.  But after I made the little bucket, I kinda thought I wanted another, bigger bag out of that fabric.  I figured I probably had plenty of the batik but probably not enough of the green and I bought it a very long time ago so matching it could have gotten tricky.

So, I didn't even try.

Instead, I went and bought some lovely orange that also went nicely with the batik.  The colors in this photo are washed out - the green is darker, the orange is brighter and the batik is prettier.

But these are the project/yarn bags.  They are both lined - the green is lined with orange fabric and the orange is lined with green.  They are big, too, almost 17" tall and 14 inches wide.  They are big enough for a sweater's worth of yarn or enough for a large shawl.

Then I made this knitting tote.  It's big.  See how gorgeous the batik is next to the orange?  I love, love, love this bag.  It's not just that I made it either, it's that the colors are wonderful and it's big enough for all the projects I have going at one time to fit inside.  (Right now, that is three shawls, two pair of socks and a wanna be sweater that's not on the needles yet but it really wants to be.)  I gave it long straps because I always wanted a bag with long straps and none of them actually come with long straps.  Of course the straps are the batik because the other fabrics are only there to make that look good.  I would have made the entire bag of the batik, but that might have been too much . . . and besides, it looks better with the other color fabrics giving a chance to one up them.

The tote is lined in the green fabric and has pockets made out of the batik fabric.  Got to get as much pretty in one place as I can!  It also has a hard bottom - the green rectangle is actually a fabric sleeve covering a plastic bottom liner to help the bag keep it's shape.  It works really well! 

So this is the family together.  The big tote, the little bucket and the two drawstring bags.  Now I am out of the batik fabric and the orange.  There is one biggish scrap of the green left, but I think Girl Far From Home is planning on making an origami market bag out of it.  

As you can see, the straps are nice and long and the bag is nice and large.  I'd say it's bigger than most of the bags we've bought at E.L. Bags.  I love it and now I must run off to move my knitting into it's new home!!!



Dena Rauch said...

For me. All for me. Thank you for making these for me.

Dena Rauch said...

For me. All for me. Thank you for making these for me.

Cindy said...

Love the bags! All of them :) Beautiful batik fabric too. I could just keep making bags - they are so fun and SO useful. Nice work!

thora said...

Love those bags! Just in case you decide to make more of those and are willing to sell them, please remember me. Really pretty and good work.
Have a nice Easter, regards from Germany.