Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Young Lady

So it has been a while since I posted and I do have knitting and fibery things to post.  I've been busy.  Dena has visited.  Stitches South has happened.   I have knit and sewed and spun.
But today . . .
big doin's in the driveway.

The young lady got a car.
Her dad said if she got into Georgia Tech and chose to go there, he'd get her a car.
The original promise was for a mini-cooper but he didn't think that was the safest, most reliable car.
So, he didn't get her a mini-cooper.

 He got her an electric car!
Turns out that Ga Tech has a bunch of charging stations and we don't live far away so she can always charge it at home if she needs to charge it and can't find a station.

 It plugs into a regular outlet - takes longer to charge in a regular outlet but it works.

 It has a strange gear shift - 3 choices:  reverse, forward eco mode or forward regular mode.

 It has a cool stereo with XM radio which she already loves because I have it in my car.

This baby was BRAND SPANKIN' NEW!  See that?  That is 28 miles after she drove it on the test drive and then home from the dealership.  Little bugger couldn't have had ten miles on it to start!

 And it has windows where other cars have nothing!

Lots of lights and indicators (as all geek cars should have)!

Comfy seats and a nice environment for the driver!

Pretty, pretty and that child is happy, happy!


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Jane McLellan said...

Wow! Happy driving in your eco-car.