Thursday, March 6, 2014


 I had a friend once ask me if I only posted the successful projects on the blog and Ravelry.  I had to answer yes because up to that point, I hadn't posted any failures.  Honestly, I have had very few failures, but there are a few.  There was a felted bag that I was making up as I went along.  The knitting went beautifully and the finished item looked like it was going to be very cool.  The felting didn't go well at all and I ended up with a big mess and a lot of wasted yarn.

This hat is another failure.  It was meant to be a Fairy Snow Cap by Rosemary Hill. 

As you can see, mine looks nothing like hers.

When I knit it, I was careful to get gauge and started knitting.  I am blaming the problems with this hat squarely on the yarn.  This is not nice yarn and it was not a good idea for this hat.  I had just enough to make a hat and since this is alpaca yarn, I thought it would be nice and warm and soft.  When the hat turned out so wrong, I decided to felt it lightly to make it wearable.  It is wearable and it fits a head and it should be warm, but it isn't a Fairy Snowcap or anything even close.  And it's ugly.  Really ugly.

So this one is a failure like the other one knit from the same yarn.  The yarn is cursed and the leftovers are getting chopped up for the birds.  (Every spring I put scraps of yarn in those mesh veggie bags outside for the birds to take for nesting material.)



Michelle said...

I just made a top hat to felt with disastrous result. So bad I threw it away before taking a picture. Got the height and diameter right but forget that the head hole part would also shrink, duh.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Interesting to give yarn to the birds! They apparently use anything and everything! I was shocked to discover a robin's nest near our roof gutter. Didn't even know it was there until I finally realized there was a lot of bird activity outside our bedroom window. When I got outside and looked up, there was a big paper towel sheet hanging out of it, and I think it's still there! We'll need a ladder to get it down.

Your hat at least is useful!

Jane McLellan said...

Ah well, there is bound to be a failure occasionally! I hope the birds will enjoy the yarn.