Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blocked and Ready for Photos . . .

Remember this?

Well, now it looks like this:

I knit it using Miss Babs Cosmic in the Galapagos color because I cannot get enough of this yarn!
I picked up one hank off destash, one from Miss Babs and two from Dena and combined them with the leftovers I had from making my Galapagos socks.

Remember these?

I still love this color.



Jane McLellan said...

Oh wow! Fabulous, fabulous!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I am totally blown away! I can't believe the photos! Outstanding!!!!! Do you ever enter fairs? You would walk away with all the top ribbons!
Again, I'm speechless!

Kneed2Knit said...

HOLY COW!!! That shawl is gorgeous! I am speechless (almost).