Sunday, March 23, 2014

Not Knitting . . .

 Well, actually, I am almost always knitting, but sometimes I do other things for a while.  And that's what's been happening lately.  

I bought all this pretty fabric when I was sewing last year in the spring.  Then I sewed for a bit and then I sort of got busy with other things.
But last week, the fabric and the machine called my name and I answered.
I have come to the conclusion (all you expert sewers please stifle your giggles here) that cutting is the hardest and most time consuming part of sewing.
But cut it I did - enough for two bags, one for me and one for Girl Far From Home.

The green and brown flowered fabric is Girl's and the batik is mine. 

 I also bought a new iron (Rowenta but an inexpensive model) and a new ironing board.  I had to do that because there was a little mishap when Girl was helping me cut by ironing the fabric for me.

 Girl is still using a borrowed sewing machine.  My very good friend has let us use it for a very long time and eventually she will want it back and then I don't know what we will do.  But until then, Girl is using it.  It is a very nice machine that I used when my friend and I were working on costumes for the theater department and the girls' school.

My new machine is hidden in this little alcove at the back of my yarn and fiber room.  

We sewed and sewed and this is my bag ready for the bottom to be sewn on. 

 Girl's bag on her sewing machine - the outside is done and she's just top stitching the lining in place.

My finished bag.  I wish the bottom were straighter but it was my first time putting a round bottom on anything.  Next time I will do better.  I really love the batik fabric and am going to use it on another bag since I have enough extra.  (Bought enough to make some drawstring bags but would rather make another bag I found online).  The pattern for this bag came from a Craftsy class - the dark green on the outside is actually a pocket.


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