Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I remembered how terrible airport security was the last time we traveled to Mexico - really terrible!  I got searched bodily and my luggage was searched in every airport we went to or through at every opportunity.  The big problem with that was that the girls' belongings were still being packed in my luggage, so my suitcase was really stuffed full.  That meant that it was difficult to close and every time the security folks dug through it and messed everything up, they left me to close it - in the middle of a crowded airport with people all around and the suitcase on a table with no leverage or possibility of my sitting on it to get it to close.  It was embarrassing and difficult and time consuming.

So, before I went to Mexico this time, I did a little research about whether or not knitting needles were allowed on flights out of Mexican airports.  Yes, I do know that they are allowed on U.S. flights, but that isn't the case all over the world.  And, my research showed that some airports in Mexico always confiscate knitting needles and others only do it sometimes but they pretty much all have been known to confiscate them and relatively recently.  

That meant I couldn't risk taking my socks because pulling those off the needles would have been awful.  Instead, I found a small project that I could do on the airplane but wouldn't be sad to lose and I brought some bamboo DPN's that I could drop in the bottom of my purse with the pens and maybe they would go unnoticed.  The yarn was a small leftover portion of a ball of Sugar & Cream that I got from Dena on one my visits to make the Corn on the Cob and the similar Potholder.  I still like the color of it.  The pattern for is called The Almost Lost Washcloth Pattern and it was something I saw and wanted to try making just for fun.  It was fun too!  Next time I will use a provisional cast on and graft the beginning to the end instead of sewing (hate sewing!) and maybe add one stitch to the center so the hole is easier to close up.  All in all, it's a nice wash cloth or maybe if made smaller, coaster.  I will make more because they are quick and easy and might make nice presents with a fragrant bar of soap.



Michelle said...

Glad you got through with the needles! The washcloth is adorable and I think with a nice soap would be a fun off to college gift! See where my brain is? 😃

occhitat said...

Teresa, this washcloth is fun to knit and so cute. Knitted a bunch for Christmas stockings.
Travel has become such a toil--plucky you to go anyway!
Katie V in NC

Jane McLellan said...

I love the way the variegated yarn emphasises the swirl.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I can't imagine the rigors of air travel today. It's too bad, as it's such a miracle to be able to cover such large distances in 'relative' comfort. Haven't flown that often (and only a short flight in the new century), but did go as far as Hawaii in one of those jumbo jets, back in the '80s and we were treated royally. And no searches back then.

Glad you could knit the pretty washcloth. I have used the provisional cast on many times
and have found that not many knitters know about it. I use a crochet hook to put the stitches on the needle. Very quick and easy.