Sunday, April 21, 2013

Treasure Island, Clue 6

This is the finished Clue 6 for Treasure Island.  I have transitioned into the 4th of 6 colors but have two complete hanks left at this point.  While I was test knitting, there were two more clues but one of those got eliminated because the designer didn't think there was enough yarn for it.  Since I had used most of my yarn on each of the first four hanks, I had more than plenty and asked if I could leave it in.  I ended up leaving two of three repeats of the 'waves' in my shawl and then used the sixth hank for the knit on lace edging - that is clue 7 and you don't get to see it yet.

Because I wasn't the only one with enough leftover yarn to more than finish the edging, the designer has offered clue seven (shown above) as an extra clue for those who have the extra yarn for it.


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