Monday, April 8, 2013

Knitting Needles

 This is Zuzu.  Girl Far From Home put a clip in her hair so we could see her face.
She is cute as all get up and go.  But she has the devil in her!
If you leave her alone, she gets into the most interesting trouble.
The vast majority of the time, we leave her in the car and she sits in her bed and chews bones.
Sometimes she eats paper in the car.  Today she ate an emery board.
One day last week, I left my knitting bag in the car . . .

This is what happened to my very expensive and very dear Dyakcraft Darn Pretty interchangeable knitting needles.  These needles are entirely made by hand and the wait time for a set is over a year. 
I was not happy when I found out she had done this - especially since the only other size seven Darn Pretty's I had broke while I was visiting Dena.

 I had reported the broken needle (not the dog chewed needle) to Tom and Linda - the Diaks who own Dyakcraft.  I also told them that the same thing (a split at the base of the needle where it screws to the cable connecter) might be happening to at least one more set of tips, possibly two.
Their customer service is BEYOND exceptional.
The day after Zuzu ate my last size seven needle, this entire set arrived in the mail.
Have I mentioned I LOVE these needles?  And even though the wait is forever long, the customer service is beyond exceptional.  And the needles are my all time favorite ever in the world.


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