Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bobble Love

These are the buttons that got it going again - antique or vintage, I don't know but really cool old composite buttons.

 This is the perfect button hole that Anna Zilboorg invented.  It is fiddly, as Anna says, but it really does make a very finished, very neat, very nice button hole.

 The pattern is Tina's Sweater by Anna Zilboorg.  The yarn is Blue Moon BFL Sport in the colorway A Hazy Shade of Blue.  Both the pattern and the lovely yarn are available from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

And this is the sweater I started in August 2011 and then put down in right after Christmas with the body finished and the sleeves just started.  The problem is that I hate seams.  I avoided seams on the body by knitting it in one piece (those seams you see are fake, knit in seams).  Then I avoided having to sew in the sleeves by picking up stitches around the armhole and knitting the sleeves from the top down.  That meant that each time I turned the knitting, I was turning two sleeves and the entire body of the sweater. That and the miles and miles of plain stockinette was too boring for me so the sweater got put in a bin in early January 2012.

Then I found those buttons at Stitches South in the market place (Dena did you get their business card?).  I fell in love with them and they were perfect for this sweater.  So I picked it up and started knitting it after Dena left.  Between April 17th and April 23rd, I finished the sleeves and cuffs, knit on the collar, knit the button band and then knit the button hole band complete with seven lovely perfect button holes.

Have I mentioned that I love everything about this sweater?  I love the yarn, the color, the fit, the weight, the shape, the bobbles, the textured stitch at the bottom, the perfect buttonholes and, absolutely love the buttons!

Next up - the San Juan Socks, my first full sized pair of 'Free-Sole' socks  . . .  more on that later, but here's a peek:


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Karen said...

Such a lovely sweater. Very nicely made. Karen in OR