Saturday, April 13, 2013

Today's Stuff

Only one of my classes today produced anything - that little piece in the upper corner is an example of how to do a steek in knitting.  The bigger piece is about the size of a wrist warmer and it was knit using some stranded techniques - some new and others not so new to me.  It was a good class and I learned quite a bit.

 We had a lot of fun in the market.  The red on the left is fingering weight for a lace shawl.  The blue in the middle is buffalo, again for a shawl.  The gray and red on the end are going to be freesole socks (socks where you can cut off the bottom when they start to wear and replace it) with the multicolor to be used to embroider them.

This was a sock kit where the proceeds go to heart disease research funding.

 This is the last of the Great American Afghan books that I picked up.

 These are the coolest glass snake charms that are meant to go on a kumihumo necklace.  We got them (some for me and some for Dena) because they are so cool.  Now we have to make the cords.  The kit includes the thread for that.

This book was for sale by the publisher in the market.  I didn't know that I wanted it until I saw the stuff that was done with it.  Dena bought it for me as a present (thanks Dena) and we got it signed by the author.

 The coolest bag from Erin.Lane Bags - I do so love their stuff.  Their little mini bags and notions bags and omni packs are perfect for both knitting and tatting.

These are little charms you sew into things you knit for others that say hand made.  They are less than half an inch across and so cute! 

 Dena's sock yarn for our free sole knit along.

And some antique buttons that we found.  The top two rows are for me - the second row is going on a blue sweater that is almost done, I dunno what the metal ones on the top row are for yet.  The bottom three cards are Dena's and I don't know what she's going to use them for but they are cool.

We are having a lot of fun so far.  Tomorrow is the last day.


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thora said...

Wonderful stuff! Love the knitting bag and all of the yarn.