Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Looking Forward . . .

First of all, forgive the fuzzy pictures - they were taken with my phone.
A while ago, Dena and I were looking at the books on sale on the Knit Picks site.  I can't remember what we were actually looking for, but I saw this little book and thought it was crazy cute.  I love little dolls - these are smaller than the "MaryLou" dolls that are a family tradition, but otherwise similar.  The  book has the pattern for the doll which is made of cloth and the patterns for the knitted outfits.

 These little doll costumes reminded me so much of the 'wild thing' costume that Max wears in Where the Wild Things Are.   Girl Far From Home loves the Maurice Sendak book, the movie and the characters and she always has.  She has a little stuffed Max and somewhere a Wild Thing too.

The pattern is full size in the book - you just copy it and cut it out.  The book tells you to just put the pattern pieces on the cloth and sew around them and cut the seam allowance after they are sewn.  The only problem with that is that the bodies are cut two pieces and the arms/legs are cut four.  So I copied the pattern several times to make four dolls.

The pieces all cut out and laid out on the fabric . . . I wonder if I should double the fabric like Mom used to do with the MaryLou dolls.  If so, I have to go buy more fabric.

I don't know when I will get time to sew them - I'm still working on a gigantic test knit.  And I suppose it will be even longer before I get to knit the clothes.  But they are so cute that it definitely won't be forever . . . 


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