Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Baby

Here on the ranch it is winter.  And in Idaho High Desert winter means rain and cold.  And more rain and more cold.
But Teresa, being Teresa, bred one of her alpacas to be due right around Christmas so that she would have a Christmas baby.
I think this was because of the naming system we are using.  The very first baby was named Augusta (because she was born in August). 
And the second baby was named Baby LLama cause the Devine Miss M hasn't told us his name (he was born in October so we call him Llarry instead of Baby).
That means the next baby has to have a name beginning with C - like Christmas or Christina or Carol or Cinderella or Christmas.

Here are some pictures of alpaca.  One of these is the alpaca who we are kinda sorta pretty maybe sure is pregnant.

 In the far back is a littler white alpaca - that is Augusta.  She wouldn't come up to get her picture taken. One of the other three alpacas (Dirty White, Brown And Dark Brown) is the pregnant one.  Can you guess which one it is?

 Here is a shot from the rear of Dark Brown.
 And a head on shot of Dirty White
And a far away shot of Brown
And a shot of most of the alpacas and the reason we needed a hay feeder.  Alpaca and llamas will throw the hay all over the ground but WON'T eat it off the ground.

Here are Miss M's llamas.  The largest/tallest is Mama Llama Tanna, the  spotty one is Dai and the one with the brown eye is Baby.  Baby is as tall as the alpaca.

Can you see the amazing hay feeder DH and his buddy just finished for me.


 More cute fuzzy white creatures


Teresa said...

Kizmet? Are we sure?

Dena said...

we are never SURE sure but pretty sure. Well kinda sure. Possibly maybe sorta sure.