Sunday, December 23, 2012

8000 stitches

That's about what I knit on the test shawl today, give or take. That pile of yellow lace is on one of my longest cables and it is more than twice as wide as the needle will stretch. It is going to be a monster. The rows are just about 500 stitches each, or were when I started today but since they grow each round, they may be more now. I have 42 more rows of the body of this, with the rounds growing a few stitches each before the final edging. Then I knit three or four rows which will suddenly grow the number of stitches to 900 for the last 26 rows.

I was much happier before I thought that out and wrote it down.

The purple is a baby sweater that I was also knitting today, but it is going to be huge. I am about to rip it out and cast on the smaller size.

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