Sunday, December 9, 2012

Can you knit too much?

Can you knit too much?  Can you have too many knitted things?  Can you have too many of the same type of knitting thing?  Too many shawls?

Yes.  You can.  I do.

I'm Teresa and I have a problem.

So when DH was looking for something to give his mother for Christmas I said, Do you think she'd like one of my knitted shawls?  I knew I had a pile of them hanging out on the back of my knitting chair, blocked but with ends dangling cuz I don't weave those in until the very last minute.  Even I didn't know just how many there were up there.

 Quite a lot, it seems.  That is five finished shawls (well, one of them is completely finished with ends hidden), and two in progress - the yellow circle is the test I'm doing now and the brown/white is one of the alpaca tests for Dena.  (I have some more comments about the yarns, but that is another post for another day.)

And, since there wasn't enough floor space, here are five more finished shawls (all but one of these already have ends woven in) on the bed.  Hubby picked two - one for his Mom (the red triangle in the lower left corner) and one for his secretary (the pink estonian lace stole/scarf in the center).  I hope they love them.

The girls claimed several more . . . my girls will actually wear them, especially Girl Far From Home.  Some of these are earmarked for Christmas presents.

Alpaca Arroyo, Alpaca Piper's Journey, Tardis Shawl 2, Orchid Thief, Robin Hood Test, Shiny Trousseau, Spirit of Guernsey Test, Summer Flies, Estonian Lace, Tardis 1, Olivia for Mom, Alpaca Fenna, Gemma, Damask Rose, Sothia
That's 15 shawls this year - so far.  I have one more on the needles.

Zuzu and Casey in their kitchen beds, well two of their four kitchen beds.  Yes, Casey's bed is too small.  It is actually a cat bed but she loves it a lot.  Dad gave it to me when she was a puppy because his cat hated it (we have the cat and she still hates it).  The other cat loves it.  I think they love it because if they get all the way in it (and Casey can and does) it is like having a blanket wrapped around you.  We couldn't find one just like it for Zuzu - we tried hard because she loves it too.

Zuzu also loves playing in the leaves - she can actually swim in them.  She bounces in them and swims through and under them.  

And usually comes in the house with half a dozen or more attached to her fur.  It's amazing how they stick to her so well outside and the second she gets in the kitchen they fall off like they were repelled by the opposite end of a magnet.

And now, I need to go knit the two in progress shawls as fast as my little fingers will go . . .



thora said...

LOL, sounds like Knitters Anonymous! The shawls are wonderful. As are the doggie pictures, love them.

Dena said...

If the bed that Casey is in has a little pillow that is reversible, the beige and brown of the basket: I have two of those. One alf uses and one is a toy box (one is beige outside and brown in the other is brown out and beige in). Fritz's bed looks like Zuzu's and Alf really wants one like that instead of the one like Casey's.

Want to trade?