Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blocking Frenzy

 I have been blocking shawls,

And more shawls,

 And still more shawls.

I love what blocking does for lace.  It's a lump of knitted yarn before and something beautiful after.  (Yes, Dena, I did fix the left side of this as soon as I saw the picture and don't worry that girl doesn't read this blog.)

I must confess, though, that most of these shawls you see blocking were not knit by me.  Dena knit one and a friend knit the three lovely colorful ones.   I bartered blocking for other services . . . a win-win if you ask me.  

 This lovely is blooming in the SubT (subterranean) greenhouse.  This is a tuberous begonia that I bought in July.  I really love these guys - especially the doubles.

This is the sample that I made to test for Mom's hat.  I like the shape of the tardis - the bobble will be bigger and up one row on the real deal.  What do you think?  Can it be seen well enough?  


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