Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas is coming

Have had the pictures but not time to sneak in a post.

DH and friend decorated Mom's outside for her the day after Thanksgiving because she has always enjoyed her Christmas lights.  They tried to put up the inside trees for her but there was no room at the inn at that time.

 Mom got the angel years ago and last year it didn't light up.  It has the lights that when one burns out, the entire light doesn't light up.  It has four or five strings of lights on it.  Last year my sweet DH spent 6 hours sitting on my living room floor, testing bulbs one at a time.  Then in frustration he replaced every single bulb.  The angel shown for the entire Christmas season.  This year after being put out, the angel was all lit up the first day but then lost one string and now another.  Between what the bulbs cost us and my hubby's frustration, it was decided that it was up to Mom to fix or replace.  Sorry Mom.
 If you enlarge the picture you will see angels in the window above her door.  Each angel goes through a series of colors and together they are magnificent.  Fortunately for us, Mom leaves these up and lit all year.  There is nothing friendlier than walking past her house on a summer evening and seeing the angels all aglow.
For those of you who haven't been to visit Mom in person, this is her bridge with her name on it.  I think the lights should stay up all year but I was outvoted.  The bush on the picture's left is a rose that Mom planted as soon as her house was set.  I forget the name.  The plant on the right is the rose from her daughter-in-law Jo Ann.  Both roses were cut waaay back this summer when the bridge was resealed.  The left rose blooms all year with the prettiest pink roses. The rose on the right blooms for two days only.  It is a mass of white when it blooms but it only lasts for two days.
Here it is the first week of June.  I didn't think to take pictures until the third day when it was at the end of blooming.

 Mom's oldest son and daughter-in-law (Jo Ann again) sent the wreath to give an added Christmas spirit to Mom's house.  It hangs right by her doorbell so everyone who comes to visit can enjoy.

 Fritz couldn't decide which bed ZuZu wanted for Christmas but if you tell us which one, it will be out in the mail to ZuZu the next day.  As you know they are reversible.  These are shown with the more fuzzy side on the inside.  The pillows are also reversible.  Which one do you think ZuZu would like the best?  The very very best?  Beige with brown or brown with beige?
As you can see from this picture of cuteness, only one of these two beds is in use - the other is a toy box. 


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Teresa said...

Her lights and decorations look great - be sure to thank Fred for me. Wish I could come help wrap nd mail her gifts too. Hope your decorations are up and your presents are wrapped. The shawl is blocked and absolutely gorgeous - modeled shots later.