Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stash Management, Enhancement and a Fig

These little gems are on sale right now at Target.  Well, they are always available for sale at Target but right now the price is lower than usual.  So I got two more and I think I'm going to go get another two more tomorrow.
They come in pieces in the box.

Takes about 30 minutes to put them together but it's not difficult and doesn't take a lot of strength or tools or construction know how.

Does take a little coordination, but after the first one you learn not to follow the instructions quite exactly and then it requires a little less coordination.

And luckily, they aren't too heavy either.

These are the two sets.  The standing set has the cardboard fake wood backs nailed on and the laying down one doesn't.  One of mine has them and the other doesn't.  If you use the little cloth cube inserts, you don't need a back on the shelf.

These two new ones went in That Other Girl's room so she can organize her stuff.  Maybe I'll be able to walk into her room one day . . . one can dream.

These are the two that I store my stash in - at least my yarn stash.  My tatting stash is in the baskets next to these.  My spinning fiber stash is still in plastic boxes which is why I want to buy two more of these to put in my craft room.  They are on sale 20% off at Target - they are already 20% lower at Target than anywhere else.  I get an extra 5% off at Target too, so it would seem to make sense to get them there and get them while they are reduced.  I suspect they are on sale for back to college so I need to hurry.

This is the new Stash Enhancement that came in the mail the other day.  It's the pattern and the yarn to make Tina's Sweater - a sweater Anna Zilboorg designed for Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts fame.  You can read how it came about in the Bobble-icious post on the Blue Moon Blog.  You can also see pictures of the finished sweaters.  The yarn is gorgeous - so many shades of blue in one hank and yet not variegated or overly color changing.  I can't wait to start knitting (but I have to finish baby goodies first).

Several years ago, an internet friend that I had given several passion flowers to ordered one I didn't have from Logee's for me.  She arranged for them to ship it directly to me.  When it arrived, it didn't look like any passion flower I'd ever seen - leaf shape was totally wrong and it didn't even look like a vine.  I checked their catalog and discovered that what I had recieved was a Ficus Danny's Delight - a hardy fig tree.  Logee's corrected the error by sending me the passion flower that my friend had ordered, but they didn't want the Fig tree back.  I put it in a pot and over the years have moved it to ever larger pots.  It needs a larger one now.

And today, while watering my plants, I discovered that Danny the Fig tree is bearing fruit.  Well, I knew that he was bearing fruit, but today one of the figs had suddenly gotten a little larger and a lot riper - a beautiful purple.  So I picked it.  There is one more that is ripening but the rest are still hard little green balls.

This is what it looked like when I cut it open.  It was delicious.  I can't wait for the next one to get ripe.  I need to give Danny a bigger pot so he can get bigger and make more yummy fruit next year.


H J Hess said...

What a happy mistake that the nursery sent you a different order.
Your Danny's fruit looks yummy.
Our Newton is bearing figs now, too.
Isn't it delicious to savor fresh figs from your yard? They taste nothing at all like the dried and preserved figs one gets at the market.

Yarny Days said...

What a cool stash management idea! Thanks for this...