Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Divine Miss M's Alpaca Herd

The Divine Miss M had chosen Rubicon as her very very own alpaca.  A big, huge, white, friendly, lap dog kind of alpaca.  But he was needed elsewhere and The Divine Miss M graciously traded him for two alpacas.
 Rubicon took a few minutes to say goodbye to the guys.  Who were busy eating treats and Encanto was simply rolling on the floor in laughter.
 Both of The Divine Miss M's new pacas are white. The one in Front is Marco Polo and the little guy is Mark of Perfection.
 Curt posed for pictures so we could see what he looked like.  The pacas from left to right are KiteRunner, Rubicon, Encanto, Sonqo and Cielito.  Sonqo is the son of Marco Polo.  So is Polo but he isn't in this picture.
 Rubicon is looking for The Divine Miss M to say goodbye to her.
 Here is where it got tricky.  Taking two males out of a trailer and putting one male in while not letting them assert their dominance all over everybody or get away.
 Rubicon is in the trailer and Curt poses again for The Divine Miss M.  Markie is on the left side of the picture and Marco Polo is on the right.  The Divine Miss M has two alpacas both named Mark.  How Cute.
 Marco Polo is tired of posing for photos and Markie isn't sure what is happening.
 The new guys join the other guys in the front pasture.  And we have to posture and see who is who in the pecking order.  There was much running up and down the pasture.  We kept Cielito at the gate with us.
 The guys met up with Polo (brown) who was back with the girls but wanted to prove he was way more macho than any other alpaca.  The brown one is Polo, the fawn one is Encanto.  Now, from left to right according to the heads, we have Sonqo, his daddy Marco Polo, Mark of Perfection, and KiteRunner.
It was majorly looking like a family reunion.  Maybie we should let The Divine Miss M have Polo also?  He is looking so very unhappy away from the other guys.
This is what alpacas do to convince themselves they are head honcho.
But then it just gets ridiculous.  And poor Markie is on the bottom. (Note to Teresa - this lets you see the scars on Mark's neck).
At this point we decided to rearrange the herd.  Mark of Perfection went into the back pasture with the girls which meant bringing Polo up to the front which then meant moving Cielito to the back.  Mark is just too peaceful an alpaca for this group of guys.  They are so ganging up on the poor fellow.  Sorry Maddie.

More picture of me cuddling Markie another day another post.  

Recap on herd:
I have: 2 males and 3 females (Polo, KiteRunner, La Negrita, Syringa and Angelique)
Teresa: 2 males and 3 females (Sonqo, Encanto, Kizmet, Caldera and Egsotica)
Divine: 2 males and 2 females (Marco, Mark, Chainaral and Tanna the llama)

Tanna the llama is a real llama not the llama at the end of the blog.  I don't know who that llama is or who it belongs to but my hubby says it can't come live here.

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Teresa said...

Maddie read the post on her dad's iPad - where she could see the pics big size. Could you email me the full size version of the first one with Curt and the two new boys just out of the trailer?