Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

 I had a Birthday party and all of you were invited.  I would have mentioned it but I didn't know about it.  We started out by going to several doctor's appointments.  It was that time of year again to go get an annual PAP.  I also went to see my doctor because it has been 7 weeks and there is no healing happening on the broken ankle bone.  So my first gift was a walking boot compliments of my doctor and my husband.  I LOVE it.  It reduced my pain level from 8 to 5.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

After getting the boot hubby and I walked over to Addie's Diner and had lunch.  I could walk without overwhelming, excruciating pain.  Had a lovely lunch, did some more errands and headed home.

At home I found that my oldest had shown up and organized a Birthday Party.  We had pizza and we had two types of Mead and a bottle of Absinthe.  We played Wii Golf and let Number 1 Son win. 
Then Number 1 Son ordered Pizza and we got to open presents.  I got an Alice Starmore knitting book, the new Stitch n Bitch knitting book, a set of knitpicks knitting needles, a yarn bell, a card that plays the tequila song (we almost wore that one out) a Wii game and a Birthday Girl Hat (see below)

I also got a wristband that says Support Our Veterans.

A nice shot of some of my presents cause there were more to come.  Number 2 son (who doesn't try harder) came roaring up in the truck and asked where I wanted my present - in the pasture or in the backyard.  He wouldn't tell me what it was, so I said backyard.  The pasture is full of Maddie's Paca Herd.

It was two Norwegian Blue Ducks. (If you google this try swedish blue but I am of Norwegian heritage and everyone knows that 100 swedes ran through the weeds, all chased by one norwegian).  The one with the black beak is Ba'al and the one with the brown is Shadow.  I am thinking of renaming them Frick and Frack.
My husbands gift to me was a duck house.

And then when it got dark, Number 1 Son had more gifts for me.  He set up a telescope and I got to see, for the very first time in my whole life, saturn and its rings.  He also showed me a binary star and we watched the craters of the moon.  We also identified some of the easier constellations.

And then to top off all his great gifts, Number One Son took me out to lunch on my actual birthday to a mediterranean restuarant where I had dolmas and falafel and shawarma.  I love greek food.  While we were waiting for hubby to finish his doctor's appointment and join us, #1Son took me to the yarn shop and bought me the most gorgeous yarn.  It will become a shawl for me.  Which pattern to chose?

And last but certainly not least I had scheduled not one but two skype sessions to tat with Teresa.  Who, for my birthday, is going to weave all the ends in on my tatting.


Gina said...

Wishing you a fabulous one!

Teresa said...

Since you didn't mention that gorgeous yarn, I am assuming that it is a present you are sending to me! Glad you had a happy birthtwodays. Did you get any more birthday cards the next day?