Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Knit Along

And this time, it's a Family Affair!

Girl Far From Home is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe - obsessed I tell you!  

So last winter, Dena found this pattern:
It's called Marilyn Monroe Illusion and it's by Steve Plummer of Woolly Thoughts who does a lot of mathematical and optical illusion knitting and then creates patterns for much of what he creates.  When Dena found it she showed me and I bought the pattern.  I didn't show Girl Far From Home right away because I thought it would make a great surprise.  

Then I read a story about a wedding shawl.  The mother of the groom started one half of it and had family members on her side knit on that half.  She talked the sister of the bride into learning to knit and starting the other side and having the bride's family knit on that half.  Then the mother of the groom grafted the two halves together for the bride to wear to the wedding - a handmade gift of love made by both families.  I thought that was a terrific idea and it led to a plan to knit a blanket instead of a wall hanging and having everyone in the family knit a block (or several) - Mom, me, Girl Far From Home, Crazy Celtic Cousin and Aunt Dena.  

I did run the idea by Dena before I bought the yarn . . .

Girl Far From Home goes back to Far From Home this weekend so today we went out and bought the yarn.  She thought about going with Andy Warhol colors but these are what she ended up with.

Purple and lime green

Blue and peach

Blue and lime green

And purple and peach

There is still blue and purple but since both are dark, I'm not sure how well the illusion will show up so we aren't going to knit these two together.  

We think we have enough yarn for 12 Marilyns.  Each one is supposed to be 16" by 16" which would make for a 48" x 60" blanket.

So, Everyone shout out your color choices!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Blue and peach! No, blue and lime green! Wait... blue and purple! Oh, gee... I can't choose!

Dena said...

I want purple and peach

Dena said...

In the package coming out west:
Mom wants Purple and Lime
Crazy Cousin wants Purple and Peach
Aunt Dena wants Blue and Lime
Uncle Fred doesn't want to do it

Teresa said...

Ok, we can do that. Girl has blue & peach on the needles and purple and lime in the queue. It will take something more than half of each skein to do a block and the leftovers will have to be combined to make more . . . I will keep the extras here nd coordinate the colors. Your selections will get in the mail on Tuesday (I hope).