Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow in Atlanta

Snow in Atlanta is pretty. Maybe that is just because we see it so rarely and it's so different from what we normally see. But I really enjoyed watching it yesterday and seeing what it did to the world around us. And I have to say that driving last night was no big deal. The ground wasn't cold enough for it to ice, so the roads were a little slushy, but it wasn't any worse than driving in rain. So we went out to dinner as usual on Friday nights and had a nice time. The restaurant was almost empty, which it never is, so that was pleasant too (at least for us, the owners weren't too happy about it).

This is the very beginning of the snowfall, nothign was sticking yet, but it was falling pretty hard.

And this is the daphne with just the lightest coating on the leaves. The snow started sticking on plant leaves first. See the hot pink buds? They usually open in late January to early February here.
And this is the pond very early in the snowfall.

This is the pond about an hour later - just before we went out to dinner. It continued to snow, but it also continued to get dark. It was much deeper this morning.

Here is a gratuitous cute dog picture because I can post whatever I want to post. She doesn't really like the snow because it gets her feet and belly fur wet and she can't smell the ground thru the snow.

And this is the Green Sweatshirt sweater finally finished. Steve didn't think I really made it, but I did. It was a lot of knitting for such a plain jane sweater, but it's warm and comfy and nice for a snowy day. I don't think I'll do another one unless I use bulky yarn because it's so much work for so little show.

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