Thursday, February 4, 2010

Progress on my Beaded Shawlette (Judy Pascale pattern)

If you haven't had your yearly mammogram, PLEASE go get it.

I get one every year on December 31st. I know that is putting it off until the last minute but it is also J's Birthday and I do it for my family. Having it scheduled first thing in January and always for the same date actually helps me to remember not to schedule anything else for that date. Usually everything else is closed on New Year's Eve anyway. And what could be more fun and a better way to celebrate than by having a mammogram.

This year (well, actually last year now) I was there but they had changed the place so I was in the wrong place at the right time. So we re scheduled for January 4th. That means two years between mammograms. December 31 2008 until January 4 2010. I really should have gotten it every year.

Along came the 4th of January and I went in and did the squish and squash and went home, fat, dumb and happy. While I was there I had started knitting on my shawl. It was Judy Pascale's Beaded Eyelet Garter Shawl and I got to the row that needed the beads, which I hadn't found yet. The technician Nicky told me where she had gotten great beads for her wedding and after the appointment I went over there and drooled at all the gorgeous beads. And I actually picked some up for my shawl. Thank you Nicky.

Next thing I knew I was getting a phone call. I had flunked my test. They scheduled a retest. So I went back on T's Birthday. I made quite a bit of progress on the shawl before the diagnostic mammogram. And even more waiting for the ultrasound. And more waiting to talk to the doctor because I flunked those tests also. So another appointment. I saved the shawl for knitting at these appointments.

Then I took Fred with me on his birthday to do the biopsy. I have had more fun and so has he but you get the birthday present you get. That was the day I got to lie on that really cool pink table. I am posting the picture so none of you feel that you have missed something. You get to lay on the pink table and drop your titty through the hole. Then they do many unthinkable things. I flunked that test also. And I only got a tiny bit of knitting done. It turns out that while you are lying on the pretty pink table, you have to lie perfectly still. All that time doing nothing interesting, nothing fun and not allowed to knit.

That just left A's Birthday in January. We went to see the nice surgeon and I won a door prize. I got the way cool knitting bag in black with pink stripes. Also included was a water bottle and a little black pillow and a white stress football and a notebook with a pen. Great for taking notes and writing down knitting stuff.

And a thank you to Susan G Komen Race for the Cure Boise for providing these great door prizes especially the book that was included in the bag but not in the picture. Be a Survivor. A book full of great information on how to get through this time, what was going on, what would happen, what might happen and explanations of what was happening. And encouragement.

And a big thank you to all the people who have offered encouragement. We needed it. Still need it.

While at the doctor's office I did make quite a bit of progress on my shawl. That is the good news. The not so good news: Unfortunately I really blew that test. Bad. I feel that it wasn't really my fault because I didn't get to study because I didn't know we were having a pop quiz. However, when Fred and I left the office I was in shock. Teresa informed me that I had better start studying really hard because I really couldn't afford to fail any more tests. And no one else wanted a failed test for their Birthday.

She really only said this since her Birthday was the next in line. So I got out the wine that Jennifer had given me and I studied. And studied. As you can see from the photo, I studied a lot.

Apparently it worked because on the next visit to the surgeon, I passed all of the tests and got a date for surgery. Saw her Monday and surgery is tomorrow. The surgeon has the most magnificent knitted doily hanging in her waiting room, and I keep forgetting to ask her if she knitted it. But I have included a picture of it anyway just for the knitting tie-in. And looking at it in person and up close, it is knitted and not crocheted. And absolutely wondrous.

Teresa sent me a cheer you up package. A great basket for putting knitting stuffs in. And the basket was already stuffed with stuffs. A charm bracelet that I have been wearing (sorry can't wear it tomorrow) with sheep and alpacas and knitting charms. Even included a bigger of just the bracelet so you can appreciate all its glory. Some alpaca notecards for saying thank you to my supporters. A coffee cup with a neat motto and teas to make it into a tea cup. A couple of candies to sweeten the pot. Between the teas and the bracelet is an alpaca phone charm. Since I don't have a phone I put it on the handle of my new knitting bag.

I did get some knitting done. But the shawl isn't finished. But tomorrow I have to be at the hospital at 7 am. Which means I have to get up at 'oh I didn't know that hour existed' and drive into Boise. After admitting, I get to go play at Nuclear Medicine. I will spend the morning becoming radioactive and hopefully finishing the shawl. Then 11:30 I go to surgery. Eventually I will go home. Oh and the really great news. Nothing to eat after midnight until the I get to go home part. Are they looking out for my diet or what. What diet you say. The one I am starting in a few hours.

Hopefully on Saturday I will post a picture of the finished shawl. Which I will be wearing.

Teresa's birthday present? I didn't forget her. They will be removing two lumps, the bad lymph node and 1 or more sentinal lymph nodes. We will learn the results on Teresa's Birthday. Doesn't that make you hope it is good news???

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trh said...

WOW! That shawl is turning out Gorgeous! The beads are dazzling and the color changes in the yarn are wonderful! If I'd known it was going to knit up that beautifully, I mighta kept it . . . nah, it had your name on it right from the start. Can't wait to see it all blocked and streched out!