Tuesday, February 2, 2010

News Flash

Ok - first off, the explanation of all the spiders (and we still hope to get one pic of all of them together). Because so many kids wanted to participate, the spring musical this year is going to be two musicals - A Chorus Line and Charlotte's Web. Miss S decided way back at the beginning of the year that she wanted to be Charlotte in Charlotte's Web. She wasn't even interested in trying out for A Chorus Line. Most of the rest of the kids wanted ACL and some even said they'd quit if they didn't get parts in that musical. Miss S just hung in there tho. Well, they posted the cast list yesterday and guess who is playing the roll of Charlotte!

In other news, the younger child will be competing in this on Saturday.

She's gonna have a busy month. First we have the MathCounts competition - they call the kids 'mathletes.' Then the next weekend is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day at Georgia Tech. Then toward the end of the month, she's participating in the Science Olympiad Competition.

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