Saturday, February 27, 2010


Ok - I guess I underestimated how long this would take and how difficult it would be but . . . well, you never know. First, I have never knit mittens before - yeah, I know, even the girls didn't believe that when I said it out loud, but it's true. Second, I've never knit stranded mittens before and I know how I hate doing sleeves in stranded colorwork so I figured mittens had to be at least as onerous and maybe more so. Third, I never ever know from day to day how much, if any, knitting time I'm going to get. So, a pair of not simple mittens and a baby sweater might have been more than I could accomplish in two weeks . . . but it wasn't.

And, the February Baby sweater is also done - well it has no buttons, but I have to go find some. All the ends are woven in and both the mittens and the baby sweater have been washed. So tomorrow I get some buttons and then it gets gift wrapped for the teacher (who is on bed rest, so we have to take it to her). It was a fun and easy knit and I think I might make more baby sweaters in this pattern.

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