Saturday, September 12, 2009

What I've been doing. . .

First, the Februarly Lady Sweaters. I finished mine a while ago but it didn't have any buttons. I got a lovely, hand made, ceramic button in the May Phat Fiber box and kept thinking how nice it was. So I contacted Shelby at Heartstone Ceramics on Etsy and told her what I wanted and what colors the sweaters were. The purple sweater (mine) was easy - I fell in love with these buttons with the little purple flowers on them. She went to my projects page on Ravelry and figured out what color to paint the flowers so they matched exactly (which they do even if the pics are bad) and made the buttons. The red/black or burgundy/black or maybe it's brown/black sweater was tougher because we can't even figure out what color it really is - the yarn is discontinued and that's probably why. Anyway, she had a new glaze she called 'plum black' and she made some buttons in that and then some more that were dark but had white from the buttons that showed through. Tina, who the sweater is going to, looked at all that were made for her (3 sets) and picked these - and they are perfect. The sweater is an odd color and the buttons are shiny, so the photo doesn't do them justice. Her photos are much better - but don't show how well the buttons match the sweater. Shelby was a dream to work with and I love her buttons.

This yarn was a special order from Danido Crafty on Artfire, custom dye job just for Miss S. The picture doesn't do it justice - it's watermelon colors - green and a bright ripe pinky-red. She isn't sure what she wants me to make from it but she doesn't want socks.

And this lovely yellow fluffiness is for Miss M. I got the small batt in the middle in the last Phat Fiber box and she fell in love with it cuz it's soft and it's yellow. She wants me to make a duck. It came from Jela's Fibers on Etsy - the sample is merino, white bamboo nepps and angelina. She didn't have any exactly like that in the store but offered to make some up for me. She did have almost the same thing - merino, bamboo fiber and angelina - already made up and since that was going to be smoother and probably easier to spin, I just got those. And yes, they are smooth as can be and incredibly easy to spin and they are making a lovely yarn for me to make a duck with - even have a couple of duck patterns. It took a full 3 weeks for the package to get to me because it came from Canada and Canada Post seems to be having troubles - but it was worth the wait.

I finished spinning the blue batts from Corgi Hill Farm, but you'll have to wait for pics cuz the yarn is being washed. It turned out quite nice - much thicker than I usually spin, but I was trying for thicker. I'll try to post pics of that and the completed burgundy Feb lady in the next day or two. And I hope to have the baby blanket that is under the watermelon yarn finished and a picture posted in the next day or so as well.

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Sylvia said...

I love the buttons!!! I wanna use them but I am to afraid that they will break into two halves while doing laundry. How do you do that?