Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flowers, Fruits and Tatting

First, the flowers. This is my Carolina Red Hibiscus that a friend sent me - it's a deep and glorious, pinky red. It's a small plant, but it's been blooming like crazy.

And one last passion flower - this one has tiny flowers, about an inch across. But it has wide, leathery and spotted leaves. I like the flowers, so that is what you get to see (and a bug eaten leaf).

And the fruit . . . These are growing in Miss S's garden. She wasn't getting any fruit, so I went out with a paintbrush and made sure some of those little flowers got pollinated. Now she has fruit.

And tatting . . . I've been busy tatting. I have a couple of bigger things that are half done, but not ready to show yet. But as you can see, I've been practicing on little things quite a lot. There are half a dozen different flowers and different butterflies. I've also done a couple of motifs just to get the practice. I've taught myself two shuttle split rings and single shuttle split rings but haven't exactly worked out how to use them to move from one round of a motif to another.

And I've made lots of little three dimensional roses. I had more than there are pictured here, but I gave several away. I like making these little things - and I love them when they are made. Miss S has been tatting quite a bit too - Miss M, not so much. Perhaps she will this weekend.

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Eve said...

Wow! I love all the tatted flowers and butterflies. Now I'll have to find my shuttles again (like I've got time to do that!)