Saturday, September 19, 2009

And the Bloomfest goes on!

First, a couple more passion flowers. It's been raining non-stop here, so the pics aren't the best. The first one is blurry, but the colors were closer to right than they were in the clear pics so this is the one you get. I love this flower, it's a seedling that my friend Craig sent me to grow on the bushes by the mailbox. This is it's first flower, but it's absolutely covered with buds and all over the bushes - it's going to be very pretty for the next few weeks. The second flower is p Star of Bristol and it's blooming all over a rhododendron.

These are some of Craig's waterlilies blooming at Atlanta Botanical Gardens. There were a bunch more of his lilies blooming and the giant victoria lilies he sent them were growing like crazy and all of them have buds and spent blooms on them. These were taken with a blackberry because I didn't think I'd take my camera in the rain - the pics would have been better if I did take it.

And this very blurry picture is of some absolutely gorgeous orchids we saw at the gardens today.

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