Monday, September 21, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere . . .

And lots and lots of it. It's been raining for days. It's been raining very hard for a couple of days. Since midnight last night, we, here at this very house, have gotten over eight inches of rain and it seems like much more than that. The basement flooded this afternoon. The backyard was no less than ankle deep and in most of it was almost knee deep - for several hours. The pond overflowed, not just overflowed it's banks, it got so overful that it overflowed the stacked stone wall around the pond which is 18" above the liner. Now that rock wall has no dirt, cement, liner or anything else to hold the water in - it's literally just stone set on stone set on stone. It isn't meant to hold water, it's meant to keep turtles in the pond. But the water came down so fast and hard today that it was flowing over the top of the rock wall. I had to wade out thru the lake that my backyard became and make sure the drainage thing was open - it was, there was just more water than it (or any 50 like it) could handle.

They closed a couple of county's school districts today because of the rain that came down yesterday and the day before. Then it rained even harder today. The drive to pick up kids at school was more than a little frightening - I have to cross both Peachtree Creek and Nancy Creek to get to the school. Both of those creeks are expected to flood at record levels tonight - we're talking 40 & 50 year record levels. They've announced even more school closings for tomorrow, but not our school . . . not yet. But I hope they do close it.

I have several things knitted that I should like to post pics of, but I need some sunlight to take the pics. Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow and dry up all the rain.

The flowers are still blooming.

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Eve said...

I'm so sorry about your basement and yard. Our basement flooded too.

Did you get to enjoy any of the sun today?