Friday, December 12, 2008


I have been working like crazy on Mom's Christmas present. Spent quite a bit of time getting it ready to mail out - took forever to get everything ready on it. But, today, I mailed two packages to her. The first one that will get there is small and she should open it as soon as it comes. The big one will get there later and it is wrapped in giftwrap under the brown mailing paper. That one she should put under the tree.

I forgot to put the mail and her Christmas cards in the packages, so I'll have to send another package next week. I think the mail will all fit in a priority envelope tho, so expect one in a week or so.

So tonight, I am going to get out one of my wheels and play with spinning some of the roving I bought at SAFF. I went to the hardware store and bought some string to try to make a new drive band for the Clemes & Clemes wheel, so I guess I'll start with it. I loved it back when Mom and I took the classes and first learned to spin and it was all I had for years, so I'll go back to it. If it doesn't work, both the Louet's have bands and should be good to go and I'll give them a shot.

If I have any success at all, I'll post pics of what I did tomorrow.

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