Monday, December 15, 2008

My Children

Christmas is coming and time for family. Here are some photos of my boys. The one in the center of the three is the one leaning on a shovel in the pictures of mom's house. The one in uniform is Thomas at graduation from Coast Guard boot camp.
It took a long time (over two years) to get all three boys into a portrait studio. You see how well behaved my sons are and how well they get along when dad and the photographer turned their backs.

Jonathon is still working at EDS on Navy contracts fixing computers. Jon is also going to college at BSU (Boise State University). He works nights 40 plus hours a week, and then goes to school carrying way to many hours between class time and studying.

Andrew is in his sophomore year at ISU (Idaho State University) still going for a degree in teaching science at the high school level. He is working part time somewhere. He is still a drummer in the band Guess When and in the Black Canyon Pipe & Drum band. Both bands have MySpace pages.

Thomas graduated from Coast Guard boot camp the end of November and is now at his new assignment at Yorktown Virginia. He is waiting to start his school in January. He will graduate as a gunner's mate the middle of March but we won't know where he is going until early March. Thomas is excited and very happy being in the service. He has found his niche and his passion.

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