Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!

Ok pics! First we have the Viking's that are now available thru playmobil. They call them the barbarians and they are supposed to attack the romans, but they are vikings none the less.

And don't you know there had to be pigs around for Christmas?

And these are the lovely lamps that Jeff sent us. I'm sorry the pic is so bad that you cannot see the butterfly and dragonfly that are suspended over the glass but I had turned down the flash so I could take pics of the pig and dog and forgot to turn it back up. He also sent a lovely, larger lamp that is made out of a dragonfly and has a dragonfly glass shade that hangs down. Unfortunately the screws that are supposed to hold the lampshade on the lamp are gone so I can't put it together.

And this is the GPS that the kids and their dad got me for Christmas. Next time I go to Asheville, it won't take me 6 hours to get home . . . at least we hope it won't! (And please note the route drawn up and ready for me to take.)

And some funkeys, whatever they are for the girls. Apparently you plug them into the computer and go into some web based wonderland and play. I don't get it, but they do. Someone got the most gorgeous ring with a heart shaped amethyst in it from her boyfriend . . . pics later if I can get a good one.

Dad got a giant scepter - no really, it's just an umbrella but we had to disguise it so he would be surprised.

And the fluffy dog found a bag that smelled really good and so she stuck her whole head in there and reached way down to the bottom of the bag and found a dingo bone. Then she spent the next hour eating it all gone.

And afterward, she decided it was time to relax and take it easy . . . .

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