Friday, December 19, 2008

Lots of Knitting (mostly not mine)

So there has been a rush of knitting going on around here, but not all of it by me. Darling Miss S has been busy knitting her fingers to the bone for that cute boyfriend of hers. As you know, she liked the hat she made him so much, that she had to make herself one too. So she's made two hats using the Chunky Cabled Beanie Pattern from Stitch Cafe (see bottom of post for link). She used the Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande for everything and it's so soft and nice.

Then she made a scarf for him too. She made it in a knit 4, purl 4 rib on size 11 needles. When you spread it out, it's about 16" or more wide, but when you let it go, it pulls in on itself and is less than 6" wide. But when it's pulled in, it's about an inch thick, and so is very heavy, thick, lush and cozy. He's going to love it. When she finished knitting it, she turned up one end and stitched it to make a pocket. Then she knit one of my little hearts and tucked it in the pocket. It's a very nice gift.

So, I showed the hat to a friend of mine who was pregnant with a girl the same time I was pregnant with my girl (in fact she was pregnant both times I was pregnant, but she managed to have a boy the second time). It seems that her daughter was looking for a great gift for her boyfriend and couldn't come up with one. Turns out her boyfriend always wears a hat. Well, one thing led to another and I went out late yesterday afternoon and grabbed another hank of this yarn and made the Friend's Daughter's Boyfriend hat this morning. Took less than two hours and it's gone to be wrapped.

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