Friday, October 12, 2007

I can't believe I knit a RAT!

I saw so many of these this summer that you'd think I could recreate one from memory, but I needed help. I searched the internet for a pattern cuz I was sure there weren't any patterns in my books . . . . . found pics, but no patterns.

This is the body, finished but not stuffed . . . . . the final rat is supposed to be about 9" long with a 9" tail . . . .

This is the body stuffed. I stick grocery bags inside to keep it from sticking to itself during the felting process. There is an opening in the belly that is sewn shut (woven) with dental floss. That way I can open it up and take out the bags and put in the stuffing. It's supposed to be heavy, so it needs beans or something in with the stuffing.

And this is the bottom side with it's little feet up in the air. It is supposed to be a dead rat, so it's ok that the feet sorta stick up in the air.

It is in the washing machine now . . . . I'll take another pic when it's felted and stuffed . . . . .

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