Monday, October 22, 2007

Angels and Fiddle Faddle

I've been fiddling with Fiddle Faddle and this is what I came up with. I made a mistake on the star and did it wrong in two different ways, but it's cute anyway. The tree is much too large, so I think I'm going to felt it. It also has a mistake in the grafting (which you can see clearly if I turn the tree over). I was so excited about learning to graft garter stitch and then it didn't work - there are three rows of reverse stockinette in the middle and if I turn the tree over, 3 rows of stockinette. Figure that will show less if I felt it too. And the angel pattern has no wings, but my angel needed them. She's about 8" tall, so I could either use finer yarn or felt her too.

This is Elizabeth's Fiddle Faddle Angel next to the Lucybug Tiny Angel. I don't like the little angel's hair. My plan was to unply the plies, but I couldn't see them well enough. I might be able to convince a younger female to do it for me. They both need halos and the big one needs hair.

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