Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Found it!

I searched and searched and seached and finally found this little guy. He's lost one shoe, but he's in remarkably good shape considering how old he must be by now. He was clearly made in three pieces and sewed together over a pipe cleaner with little felt hands and shoes. If I were to do him now, he'd be in one piece or at least fewer pieces. Might just have to try to make him a girlfriend.


dmr said...

So are you going to share the patern you create with us, or is this a game of who can come up with the best pattern.

Did he have little felt feet like his little felt hands?

TRH said...

His little felt feet were just squares that I sewed on the bottom of the pipe cleaner . . . one is still there and the other is gone. If I make another one, I won't make it in as many pieces because I don't sew if I don't have to and nowadays I know enough about knitting not to have to most times. Apparently each leg is a little square and the body is a little square. These are then sewn into tubes and then sewn together. I can do better than that and, in fact, the new patterns are better than that.