Sunday, October 14, 2007

And I'm Done

I have knit all eight of the washcloths, each in its own color.

And, because I was feeling left behind by you two, I have knit three different angel washcloths - all in the same color. There is the green cotolino that Ritza sent and I might do something in that BUT

I am done.

Since Ritza is done, and I am done, and mom has had it - Now what shall we do???????????


TRH said...

I think we should do the fiddle faddle, the angels and the ornaments . . . . all together in whatever order you want. I've cast on Steffie's socks and I promised her that I would make her a rat just like the one in the play, but that won't take long. The socks can be for when I need to knit without thinking (which is often lately).

And I'm going to do the elf's and pixies too - gotta get you copies of those patterns. Will try to copy them in the morning and add them to the box I'm sending out tomorrow.

TRH said...

I have left over cotolino and leftover of the cotton yarn. We might find something good to do with it later . . . .