Friday, October 12, 2007

The finished rat . . . . .


dmr said...

So now that you have rats that are way too realistic for my taste - WHY

They did turn out gorgeous - the knitting being gorgeous and well done and well. . . just way too realistic.

TRH said...

The play my daughter is in is called "Bury the Dead" - here's a description:

What would happen in time of war if the dead soldiers refused to be buried? How would the generals, the clergy, the press, the troops, and the soldiers’ loved ones react to this defiance? Bury the Dead opens in “the second year of the war that is to begin tomorrow night” and is a haunting, gritty, timeless commentary on the anguish of war. This stirring and eloquent classic employs imaginative theatricality to tell its enduring story.

Anyway, apparently during the play, a rat is found (in one of the graves? not sure till I see the play) and someone hits it with a shovel? and it gets tossed across the stage? Not sure. But they needed a rat.

Now, I'm sure you are saying "There are plenty of realistic rats for sale online and in costume stores and halloween shops." And you'd be right if it weren't so close to halloween. Everyone is sold out of realistic rats and all they have left are rubber rats. The director did not want a rubber rat.

So I was enlisted to make a knitted, felted rat. It's stuffed with sand so it's really heavy and when tossed makes quite a nice thump.