Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sometimes things go backward . . .

 This is my San Juan Sock - the free-sole sock I was knitting for the knit along.  I was doing great, ready to start the diamonds and then bind off.

Until I tried to put it on my foot.  Well, actually, I had tried and ripped back a few rows already once.  But then I reknit those rows and then many, many more without trying it on again.
It wouldn't go over my heel.  
The knitting was too tight. 

I'm not sure why it was too tight because my stranding is nice and loose.  But there you have it - a sock that cannot go on your foot is no good at all.  Yes, someone with smaller feet did offer to take it off my hands (or feet), but when it's wrong, it's wrong.

The only thing to do with knitting gone wrong is go backwards.

More on this later . . .


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Jane McLellan said...

Oh dear, such a shame after all that work!