Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another kind of art

 First, another gift from the greenhouse.  I had no idea that this orchid was even thinking about blooming.  Two others bloomed in the SubT over the course of the winter, but this one never does.  So I was shocked and delighted to find a bloom stalk on it as I brought it out.

I do love the color of this one!

 And this is That Other Girl's art - she did this as a project in school.
It is actually a copy - exact but much larger - of a poster that she found in a book of french posters and advertising art.
The original was probably 6" tall.

This one is probably 5' tall - that is the patio door next to it.
I think it is wonderful.



Dena said...

The painting is beautiful. My niece is the most creative and talented niece in the world. Well along with my other niece. the children of my only sister.

Cindy said...

I think it's beautiful, too! Love it. Where is its permanent home?