Thursday, May 16, 2013

New is Fun

I started something new. I have two projects on the needles but I still started something new. One project is an alpaca hat that isn't as much fun as I had hoped it would be to knit so I am avoiding it - have been for weeks. The other is my free-sole socks. I ripped them back to the heel and started to reknit them. Guess what? Still too tight. So I ripped them again. That's a lot of knitting and a lot of ripping and even more reknitting. I think they are going to be ok this time, but I guess I am afraid to find out that I am wrong, so I am avoiding them

That is a lot of avoiding. It has to count for something that I am finally aware that I am avoiding things. Right?

The new project is a mystery knit along - a shawl called Leaf Evolution. If my needle was longer and I could stretch it out, you would see little leaf shapes . . . Use your imagination and you can almost see them.

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