Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two More Too

I have two more Traveling Gnomes ready to travel to their new owners. I have to put eyes on them but I haven't come across the eyes yet. These match, in color scheme, the one that I made for Teresa. I am gathering up things to put in my suitcase and these two were going to go in there and travel with me to Atlanta. They said goodbye to the fiber room where they were created and then said goodbye to the property. They decided that they would prefer to ride in either my purse or in my knitting bag on the way to Georgia. When they get there one will go to M and one will travel on to Virginia to S. They have very unruly beards because they are very young gnomes. Too young to have their eyes open yet. (My newest version of why they have no eyes.)

The other happening around here is that we are getting a driveway put in today. Well, we had a driveway but this fall/winter/spring is was a huge mud spot. We don't get all that much rain out here but we had nothing but mud. Lots and lots of other people had nothing but mud this year also and they are putting in driveways also. We have been waiting for over a month for our turn and it is today. I forgot about having an underground fence for the fuzzy white things and only remembered when I heard the alarm go off. Too late. They had cut it where it went across the front drive and along the back driveway. I made a further mistake of calling my husband to see if we still had any extra wire. We had another mile (literally) of wire but had given it to a friend who wanted to put it around several acres. Why was it a mistake to call my hubby? Because now hubby is calling on every break worried about the fence. And rehashing what has already been done.

Fortunately for me, I had a pasture full of supervisors watching the workers so that I didn't have too. Also my neighbor was supervising. My neighbor is out mowing his lawn. It doesn't need mowing but he has been mowing it since the men showed up over 5 hours ago. It is a small yard and a large riding lawnmower. This property used to belong to his dad and when ever we do anything he mows his lawn for hours and hours and then comes over to tell us we can't do what ever it is that we are doing. No we aren't renting, we actually bought the property ten years ago. I am expecting him to come to the door anytime now.

I have things to do but I know that Teresa is going to have exciting posts starting much later today or early on Monday and I wanted to get this on.

Guess where Teresa has been. And what she has been doing. And with whom. Stop back by to see the answers with glorious photos. In focus photos.


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Teresa said...

My posts will have to wait until tomorrow because driving so long just took it out of me and I'm having wine to recover . . . but I do have some seriously fabulous photos to share.

Do we get to see the finished drive pics? and have you put spikes on the side by the lawn yet?