Sunday, April 24, 2011


I bought this lovely merino/silk roving last year at Stitches South.  It has deep turquoise, green, blue, black, white and yellow in it.  It is also incredibly soft and luscious because of the silk.

This is what it became after spinning two thin singles and plying them together.  I think it is probably some of the best yarn I have made so far.  I put so much spin in the singles that I thought they might be overspun.  Then I plied it pretty tightly and it worked beautifully.  

This is it next to the Anna handspun.  I think it will make nice panels in my Anna Blanket.  I have more handspun that I think will go into the blanket.  The problem with handspun is that you usually don't make enough for an entire sweater, but you can only use so many hats and mittens (which I never wear anyway).

These are flowers on the new blueberries I bought.  The start of my fruit garden.  

All these flowers are on one azalea plant.  I love this plant because each flower is big and beautiful and because it has two colors of flowers on it.

The very tiny little thing at the end of this branch of my Harry Lauder's Walking Stick seems to be a flower!  I have seen the seed things before, but never the blooms.  Of course this bloom is so small that I still can't say I have had a good look at a flower!

Water Hawthorne in the pond - going nuts.

One of the backyard rhodos is blooming.  The rest will be coming out shortly!


Jorge and Evielynne's RV Road Adventures said...

I love homespun yarn and even learned how to spin but it does not come out looking as beautiful as the ones you bought. I am a huge fan of anyone who plants fruit trees instead of other plants in their yards....

Teresa said...

Oh no - not bought. The green I spun and the other was spun and given to me by Anna Zilboorg so it is very precious.