Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some Motivation

I have a million things that have to be done before I go visit Teresa in a few days. We are going to Stitches South. Teresa has been before many times but this is my first time and I am so excited. About 900,000 aren't going to get finished before I go. Planting, weeding, filing paperwork, and the rest of the organizing of the fiber room.

But I have made some progress.I have always kept my books in alphabetical order by author's last name. (Okay I also keep my spices in alphabetical order and my family deliberately messes them up to annoy me). But I had half of my books moved into the fiber room and the other half scattered all over everywhere. The ones in the fiber room were on shelves and still are but I re-arranged the room to hopefully fit better. I need another bookshelf, the short one can stack and I am going to put another one on top. I have gathered up most of the scattered books and have them in one spot, awaiting their own bookshelf. The flowers on top of the blue shelf are artificial ones that I have won with dried lavender in the center. Do come out for our Lavender Festivals July 9th & 10th.

I loved Teresa's idea of bins for the yarn. I got 12 bins, two sets and put them together into 14 bins. I wanted to get two more sets but I don't know where I can put them. Would you believe me if I told you this is my entire yarn stash? Or do you realize that this is just the yarn that was lying around in this room and that I have a closet full, two boxes in my bedroom full, and 12 bins full stuffed into the hall cabinets? The spinning wheel is the one my mother gave me that belonged to her grandmother. It was made for her by her family and she brought it over to this country from Norway when she emigrated. And yes it still spins. It seems to spin very well when Teresa is using it and not so much for me but I am getting there. There are two more spinning wheels (mom's) that need to come out of the back room and be put in here. And we have lots of roving to spin with.
The black safe in the corner - oh. This is technically still my son's room and we told him that he can store stuff at home while he is in the service. The safe was a gift from grandma for his guns. He is a Coast Guard Gunner's Mate and loves his job because it involves teaching about guns. And since he is the only one to get into the safe, I can safely bury it behind stuff.

And in the other corner is the table. When this was my son's room, he had a table that was 24 by 72 and had a top and three drawers. The top needed to be replaced so my hubby removed it when we repainted the room two years ago We haven't replaced the top yet, mostly because I had too much stuff on top of it all the time. I removed all the junk that I had in the bins (yarn, filing, geocaching stuff, etc.) and then I put all the alpaca fiber into the bins and slid them under the counter. Six large bins of alpaca fiber that needs cleaning and spinning. We are going to get it spun at a mill. Which mill would you recommend??

The chest was one that my father got in the Phillipines during WWII and had given to my mother. I can't remember what is in the chest and didn't have time to look. The small round chest is one that my talented brother made for me. It is full of stuff that needs to be taken care of one day.

I did not do anything with the bunkbeds yet. The bottom bed was made by my son when he stayed a couple of weeks ago. The desk needs to be organized, as do the drawers and the storage cabinet behind. Next month. The bunkbeds have to stay because my sons do come to visit and need a room at home. And sometimes my nieces come to visit and this is their room at home.

And then there is mom's loom and the road traffic cone. Fortunately the loom is on wheels and can be moved to where we need it to be. The bench is in the other room and I will move it in here when I move mom's spinning wheels in.

We have been working around appointments and other house cleaning. We? Did I forget to mention that I had three enthusiastic helpers? I couldn't have done it without them. I might have gotten more done by myself but who wants to work all alone.

I will do more when I get back. Promise. Or maybe I will wait until Teresa comes and let her do it. She is SO much more talented than I am. And better at cleaning and arranging and organizing.



Teresa said...

oooohhhh! That is starting to look really good! I still have work to do in my room, but so much is done that the rest can happen when it happens. Fun to have it all in one place, isn't it? We need to get you some stacking baskets for your tatting stuffs . . .

Gina said... wore me out!