Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DisOrganizing or Something

Teresa says I should post. I did tat last Tuesday and I should have posted pictures of it because it was very pretty. But I didn't.

I could have posted pictures of the beautiful knitting project that I dreamed up. It is a remote holder thing that hangs over the arm of the chair. The other day I was going to exercise with the Wii but I couldn't find the remote to turn on the TV. I looked and looked and when my husband came home, he searched for the remote. He was the last one to use it and we didn't find it until the next day. The pattern is just stockinette felted, so I decided to knit two birds with one needle. Teresa and I are wanting to try out the stitches in Twisted Stitch Knitting. So I am picking out patterns and putting them on the remote holder.

And I decided that I didn't have enough bins in my fiber room for my fiber and asked my husband to pick me up a couple of more packs. Turns out that the ones that I got were discontinued and they don't have any more and won't be getting any more. (Definition of clearance). But he found two boxes of something very similar back in the warehouse (also clearances). The new ones are solid where as the old ones where mesh. I took the whole thing apart so I could use the solid ones as bottoms so stuff wouldn't fall through. And because I thought it would look less like something I had McGyvered.

I must say it looked better in the before pictures that I didn't take. See old post for those.

And hubby and I bought some extra shelves for mom's new bookcase and extra pins to put them up with. (You owe me money mom). Then the bookcases got all put together and some of the boxes got lugged from my house over to mom's. I got six boxes emptied and put away. I only have two dozen left to do.

Mom's bedroom was looking pretty bad for a while.

Then it looked even worse. I almost gave it up as a lost cause. But I have had so much fun these last months going through these boxes. Almost as much fun as Teresa. I have almost caught up to Teresa on the number of times I have gone through the boxes.

But finally the bedroom looked arranged and organized. Then I went back to my house and realized that I had missed a box of books and three more boxes of photos and photo albums. I have to think about this for a while. At least until tomorrow.

I rearranged medical appointments, got caught being a drug trafficker (actually my hubby got caught cause I sent him to do it). Got a script out to mom. And lost 2 more pounds. No pictures for all that stuff.


I still think that I haven't done anything worth posting about. But here it is anyway.


Teresa said...

How come none of your pictures will embiggen?

Jorge and Evielynne's RV Road Adventures said...

Ummm looks like someone put some major over time in re-organizing. Sure paid off - looks great!!


dmr said...

I don't know why they won't embiggen. I could send them to you and you can replace them???

Or, I have a great Idea,
you can come over and help (it is your mother too) and take pictures and post.

Teresa said...

Send them to me. I could come over, but my daughter wants me to come have dinner with her first and it is a long drive to each of you.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Such good things to show for all your hard work; well done!