Thursday, April 21, 2011


My first attempt at kumihimo turned out pretty well.  Well, my first attempt was in class, this was my first solo, no teacher attempt.  It was with the practice threads that came with the kumihimo disk.  It's the college colors of Girl Far From Home's college, so I guess it's for her.  It's very nice - a little stretchy and a good thickness.  It was easy to do and quick.  I just left the little disk in the car and did it while I waited for That Other Girl to come out of the school in the afternoon or while hubby drove us to dinner or the concert.  It only took two days of little bits of time.

I just got a bunch of bobbins ready for the next attempt.  I hope this will be a longer cord when it's complete. I don't yet know how much thread is required for the finished length of cord. 

This is the new Latin Club head dress.  The latin teacher went out and bought a stuffed wolf to make into this.  He sliced the poor thing open down the middle and removed all the stuffing.  Then the edges needed to be hemmed and the stuffing that remained in the head (necessary for it to keep it's shape) needed to be contained.  That Other Girl trimmed the edges and sewed the arms and legs shut at the body.  I turned under and hemmed all the raw edges of the body and head.  Then I got a piece of fleece and cut it in roughly the shape of the head and sewed it into the uppermost part of the neck - actually it goes from under the chin to just behind where the ears are attached.  That allows the thing to sit on a person's head like a hat and stay put.

It looks pretty good if I do say so myself.  I haven't heard any complaints from the Latin Club, but I haven't heard anything good either.  Who knows?

This is the finished thing sitting on my counter.  I didn't see it before it was gutted, but I think it was probably pretty darn cute for a wolf.


Michelle said...

I'm a tatter and Latin teacher so I was delighted to see your wolf headdress today of all days! Who's in Latin club? What a brilliant idea for making the headdress!

Teresa said...

Actually, both girls took latin all the way through middle and high school. I think Girl Far From Home was in the Latin Club for a while but not all the way through. That Other Girl wasn't and isn't because Latin Club meets at the same time as the Jug Band and she chose the band. But since the school is so small, just taking Latin almost makes her a part of the club and certainly puts her in the running for helping create the headdress!

Michelle said...

A small school with Latin- a miracle! I hope they liked it. Certainly the club looks like fun!